Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Invincible #93

I haven’t counted pages, but this felt like a really short issue. Perhaps it’s the multi-splash page battles with the Flaxans, but this was over in a jiffy.

I appreciate Kirkman’s novel approach to the Robot and Monster Girl story, but is it me or is this dragging on a bit? I suppose that’s how the plan must have felt to our heroes while they were trapped, but man! I’m also having a hard time remembering how Monster Girl’s powers worked while she was exiled. I thought Robot had stabilized her back in her adult form, but she’s clearly kiddie-sized on that cover. And we still don’t know what exactly happened during the decades the two lovebirds spent together, but I still hold out hope they can get back together.

I think part of my lack of enthusiasm for this issue is the lack of a voice for the Flaxans. Kirkman excels at writing his villains, and the Flaxans really don’t have much detail to them. They need a Super-Skrull type champion to give them a face I can root against. Maybe that last page is giving us someone like that?

I still love Bulletproof as the new Invincible. The whole “screw-up brother” ostracized by his family is a neat idea, one I don’t remember seeing before. Bulletproof/Invincible II has a “public” ID, it’s just the wrong brother! I’m not sure why Zandalle is putting himself through all this torture, but it’s hard not to pull for the guy when you see these glimpses of his life.

This book belongs to Ryan Ottley. I love the way he draws the entire cast. Cory Walker still does a nice job, but I’ll be happy when Ottley is handling the whole thing again. Maybe give Walker a spin-off?


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