Friday, July 20, 2012

Green Lantern Corps #11

For those of you who think I hate everything DC is producing, I give you exhibit A: Green Lantern Corps. This book is just a thrill ride from start to finish. Peter Tomasi is giving us exactly what we want, but in an exciting, original story.

The Alpha Lanterns are clearly overstepping their bounds. It’s been bad enough so far, but when they start torturing Kilowog, the heart of the Corps, no one can justify choosing their side any longer. And c’mon, seeing Salaak, the Guardians’ errand boy, side with Gardner and Stewart is fantastic. And then, to escalate things even further, he sends the entire corps into the Sciencells to attack the Alphas! C’mon, that’s just awesome, the long awaited face turn for Salaak is a great moment, and the Alphas have got to be shaking in their boots. (Although it seems that Alpha Lantern Varix is the only one doubting his side at the moment. I sort of thought Boodika might be the one to turn?)

I can’t remember seeing all those experiments in the core of Oa. Did we know the Guardians bred the Psions? That’s a pretty bad mess-up, but I don’t remember seeing it before. The Manhunters and Alphas are long-established mistakes, so it’s neat seeing them all combining into a HUGE mistake at the close of the issue. I wonder if the Corps and the Alphas will have to team up to clean this up.

Fernando Pasarin is a great storyteller. His panels are filled with detail and I can recognize specific Lanterns even in the background. Best of all, the guy understands how to use splash pages. In the New 52, tons of artists are using splash pages to skimp out on drawing too many panels. Needless splashes deaden their impact, but Pasarin uses them to great effect in this issue once again.


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