Monday, July 2, 2012

Avengers Academy #32

 Christos Gage does a much better job with this issue than the last one in tying in to the greater AvX plot. With the Phoenix Five out to reform the Earth into X-Utopia, it makes sense that at least one of them would target sentinels as a weapon that has to go. Making that person be Emma Frost makes even more sense, after her experiences in Genosha.

Gage does a great job establishing Juston and his Sentinel in the early pages. By forcing a confrontation with X-23, the conflict is clearly established. I didn’t even see the parallel until it was almost upon me, but Gage does a great job showing X-23’s thought process too.

Hank Pym is back at the Academy, and I loved the fake tone of respect he and Emma use when dealing with each other. (Even with Emma Frost in gold, fiery underpants). The whole conversation felt like two adults talking to each other knowing full well that little ears are listening. Pym tries to play it smart for most of the issue, but I have to be pleased at how the book ends, the Academy is gearing up for another fight. And this time, it’s one that makes sense!

Is Hercules still around? I think he’d enjoy taking on Emma Frost.

Timothy Green’s art takes a little bit of getting used to. He’s got a manga-flair that works well on Groot and Rocket Raccoon, but isn’t quite as intuitive when used on people. He’s got a bit of a Karl Moline flavor to his work, but there is some mid-90’s influence too, with all the screaming faces. Hopefully he’ll get more time with Quicksilver, Tigra, and the other faculty next issue.


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