Monday, July 30, 2012

Avengers #28

Man, I really respect that Marvel is keeping Rulk so hard to like. Bendis sure holds up his end here. On the one hand, I like that Rulk is trying to avoid having to fight Colossus again. It’s a great twist that the guy is so dang tough, yet he’s tactically avoiding a fight with the toughest guy he’s faced so far.

Rulk’s overwhelming self-confidence plays a big part too, as he’s certain he’s figured out Captain America’s unspoken orders. In truth, Rulk merely ramps up the hostilities and makes things worse. (Although the telepath-ridden X-Men do figure out Cap’s not behind it.) I do like that.

There’s not a lot going on here. Rulk first tries a plastic gun, and later resorts to Rulk strength to try and get the job done. As an aside, one of my favorite aspects of AvX is the way Magneto is just hanging out with the Phoenix Five. He didn’t get a power ramp like those others, but it sure seems like Magneto still feels at home amongst his amped-up teammates.

This is really just a showcase for Walt Simonson’s art. It’s sort of too bad that he’s drawing such weird versions of all these characters. Red Hulk instead of Hulk. White Queen and Cyclops in their amped-up gear. The art looks a tad rushed, but the storytelling is clear. Even if things are out of proportion a bit more than usual, they do look dramatic.


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