Friday, July 27, 2012

Green Lantern #11

So it looks like we’re going to get a couple months set back on Earth, with Sinestro and Hal dealing with Black Hand, rather that whatever the Guardians have cooking this time. I suppose that’s only fair, Blackest Night was pretty darn awful for our heroes, and it makes sense they’d make that the number one priority.

Now, does Sinestro go a bit above and beyond in constantly pointing out how dangerous Black Hand is? I think so. Especially considering that BH seems to have lower goals this time. He just wants to kill some folks and reanimate them into zombies. Not bring back all the dead heroes in the DCU (it’s a good thing, since after the reboot we don’t know who’s dead!) I like that this title works equally well on another planet as it does with a “classic” bad guy with Earth-bound goals.

It’s also fun seeing a glimpse of Sinestro’ “bat cave,” he sure seems like the type to keep trophies, doesn’t he?

Doug Mahnke gets to indulge in some horror again, and boy is it spooky. The worst are the scenes with Black Hand’s family at the dinner table. Those skeletons are ALMOST natural in their poses, but everything is just a bit off. Look at that last panel where BH’s Mom is leaning over to peer at Hal and Sinestro. Spooky!


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