Friday, July 6, 2012

Captain America & Iron Man #633

I think this is the first series I’m collecting monthly on a digital basis. It won’t be the last, but it is the first.

Cullen Bunn knows his Marvel. Madripoor is always a neat hive of scum and villainy, and part of its charm is that it can serve any type of criminal. From dock thugs to high-priced weaponeers, they all work in Madripoor. This issue follows Iron Man and Cap as they infiltrate a weapons trade show in an attempt to buy a powerful new weapon. Cap’s undercover and using his sweet energy shield, while Iron Man is relying on his armor as always. I was wondering how Batroc’s Brigade would be a challenge for the two alpha heroes, and we have our answer. Tech is going bye-bye, so the simply-armed Brigade may be a pretty sweet challenge after all.

I love Batroc’s Brigade. Batroc himself is a classic, and that level of villain group doesn’t get enough panel time. They’re just a bunch of villains with bills to pay; a Sinister Six who care a lot about their wallets. I think everyone's got to love Zaran, the Weapons Master, right?

I’m pleased that Bunn is keeping the through-story going. Cap is still chasing down Kash, the villain from the Hawkeye arc. Swapping out the 2nd billing every month makes for fun covers, but the continuing story is a plus to sell Cap’s second ongoing title. (Plus it's "official" numbering continues from the original series.)

Barry Kitson is a huge upgrade for this book. I never realized how much I missed Batroc until I saw him bouncing around attacking the Avengers as realized by Kitson. I honestly can’t believe that a non-headliner title like this is the right place for him, but I’m not complaining. If Marvel wants to put artists with a classic, timeless feel on this book, I won’t complain.

Bunn has a lot of potential, and he writes the kinds of comics I enjoy. I'll be keeping an eye out for his work from now on.


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