Saturday, July 28, 2012

Daredevil #15

What a gorgeous cover.

So what exactly happens to DD’s senses? Is he getting his sight back, after losing his radar sense? That’s sure what it looks like. So no radar sense, but his sight is back and he’s super-sensitive with his other four senses. Mark Waid continues to put DD through his paces on this title.

I love the moment when DD is stuck in his vegetative state when he starts to panic, and he addresses his depression head on. He actually states how hard he has to work to maintain this attitude, and that just makes me like the character more.

I’m OK with the Avengers showing up with the last-minute save, because there is honestly no way DD could win this on his own. He’s not facing down Dr. Doom, but this Chancellor Beltane is practically Fourth World-ian in his design and outlook. Besides, Waid already showed us what happens when DD tries to handle these world-beaters on his own last issue; it’s time to call in the big guns.

And Chris Samnee brings the big guns. When Iron Man swoops in at the nick of time, it’s hard not to grin. The guy must have been flying pretty darn close to get there so quickly, but we can assume the Avengers knew DD was in trouble and were already looking. Samnee only draws the new Captain Marvel for a moment, and I’m not sure he got the memo on what her hair is exactly supposed to look like. Is that a mohawk?


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