Saturday, July 21, 2012

Fantastic Four Annual #33

I’m sort of torn on this one. I absolutely love Alan Davis’ work, both writing and drawing. I also have read just about every Clandestine book that he’s done (I quit the ongoing when he left.) So this was an easy sell for me. But that said, as someone who has read a lot of Clandestine, I was having a hard time remembering who all these guys are. It’s just been too long! I’ve been reading comics for decades, I hate to say it, but sometimes those little recap pages are a big help!

I remember the lady with liquid metal powers, the patriarch of the family, the blue guy and the enhanced senses guy. I even remember Cuckoo, the magician. But I’m fuzzy on Vincent, and I don’t remember those two ghosts at all. Unfortunately, those three are the biggest players in the story!

And this is barely a Fantastic Four comic. I mean, Davis has the Thing and the Torch’s voices down, they are perfectly in character. But they’re little more than observers going on a tour of the Clandestine back-story. I’m not complaining, but I could see how someone looking for a FF story would be disappointed.

Davis’ Dr. Strange makes me miss the “real” version of the character. Davis does an amazing job with Strange’s intricate costume and powers. Stories like this that take place outside the “modern” storyline really makes me appreciate the timeless looks of most characters. No need for constant references to Civil War or AvX, just give us some solid adventure!

I’m sure this will all make more sense as the story continues, and of course, I’ll be getting the next annuals too. I look forward to Davis giving us timeless versions of DD and Wolverine in the next chapters!

Good (boosted by that wonderful art!)

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