Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Green Lantern Corps #10

This comic has been firing on all cylinders for some time now.

Peter Tomasi is doing some cool stuff here, picking up on plot threads he and Geoff Johns laid down a long time ago. (Although I think the Alpha Lanterns were Grant Morrison creations, weren’t they?) The Alpha Lanterns are still acting like “rat bastards” according to Guy Gardner. They found John Stewart guilty of killing a fellow Lantern, and now they are just deciding how to execute Stewart for his crimes. The entire issue passes with Stewart quietly accepting his fate with a stoic face. Guy Gardner is uncharacteristically quiet too, but you know that can’t last.

The mood is never better than when the Alphas sentence Stewart. Expecting the Corps to sit there quietly and accept it is a big mistake, and while they are quiet, there is already a whole lot of plotting going on. The issue ends with a small team of Lanterns rebelling against the Alphas, and really, that’s the only way this story could go.

I’m not sure what Johns and Tomasi have planned for the Guardians, but clearly they are forcing the Corps to lash out against the Alphas. The Alphas are almost as flawed as the Manhunters were with their lack of emotion and understanding. For some reason, the Guardians are forcing this confrontation.

Fernando Pasarin is a great GL artist. He gets the Earth Lanterns perfectly, but he also delivers the alien Lanterns too. I particularly dig Isamot’s stubby little arms. Soon he’ll be able to stop wearing his ring on his tail! I also have to mention how great the Alphas look. Cold, dangerous, and confused is a hard combo to pull off, but Pasarin does it.



Newmie Newmz said...

The Alpha Lanterns concept was created by Johns.

I was nice to see the Guardians acting less cold blooded this issue. The way they have been written lately I was expecting them to perform the execution themselves.

Timbotron said...

You have more faith in the Guardians than I do. I'm reasonably sure that they are setting the Alphas up for a fall.

And I really thought Morrison came up with the Alphas for Final Crisis, so they got pulled into the core GL book, but I certainly could be wrong!