Wednesday, September 9, 2009

War of Kings: Warriors 1&2

With issue 1 written by Christos Gage and issue 2 penned by Jay Faerber, I had high expectations for this limited series. Unfortunately, we don't really get too impressive of stories. I suppose it is the layout of the issues (each issue is split between lead characters, with Gladiator, Blastaar, Crystal, and Lilandra getting the headline roles), but these stories really felt generic. I don't think the leads were really that enhanced by what we got here, this was really filler material. I believe these issues are collections of material originally presented on I'm going to use this as a learning experience and stay away from this type of reprint material in the future. I think the content generated for the website must be superfluous by design, so there really isn't any driving reason to seek it out.

Gladiator's origin makes him seem more mundane, as does Blastaar's. I think these characters benefited from their mysterious pasts, and seeing their roots makes them a bit less interesting. Crystal's story has her facing off against generic terrorist and espousing her views that were already made clear in the core War of Kings mini. Lilandra has never really interested me as anything more than a supporting character, so I had to strain just to finish her chapter.

The art is fine throughout the issues, but the subject matter is so generic that there were no moments or characters worth going crazy over.


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