Friday, September 11, 2009

Green Lantern Corps #40

I'm still enjoying Blackest Night and the emotional conflicts it is dredging up. There is so much going on in Peter Tomasi's Green Lantern Corps, there has got to be something in here for everyone.

  • Kyle Rayner, exhibiting Will, Love, and Hope, reunites with Jade and plays along with her attempts to seduce him, but after realizing he can't get any answers from her, Kyle goes off and attacks her. Smart guy.
  • Bzzd returns from the dead as the tiniest Black Lantern and starts slaughtering GLs. Guy Gardner eventually takes him out but it is a great man vs. fly conflict.

  • Salaak confronts the Alpha Lanterns and puts them in their place. With the Guardians out of it, Salaak is now in charge of the Corps. His first decision is to stop recruiting rookies into the horrific environment of Blackest Night.
  • Krybb and a Star Sapphire (can't remember her name) are searching for Krybb's missing kids. Knowing how sick Tomasi can be, I'm worried.
  • Soranik Natu and Princess Iolande show up in the GL infirmary to try and stop the Black Lanterns from taking out the weakened GLs. (This includes a great scene where the wounded GLs are trying their best to fight off their attackers.)

If that sounds action packed, that's because it is. There are tons of characters getting face time in this, I'm really impressed at how Tomasi is juggling this huge cast and still giving characters a chance to shine.

Patrick Gleason rocks this issue, as he always does. His take on Jade looks great, she's still sort of attractive even in her evil Black Lantern suit. I also never thought I'd be sad to see Bzzd come back, but I missed that little guy.


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Martin Gray said...

Thanks for the précis and comments - you never know, at some point this saga might draw me back in, but for now I can live without all this emotion and zombies.