Friday, September 18, 2009

Walking Dead #65

Robert Kirkman is the man. What I love about Kirkman is that I have absolutely no idea how his pacing is going to go. He can spend a loooooong time having his characters sit around and just talk, but when they need to get something done, the story flies. Rick showed that his pronouncement last issue wasn't just talk, he wants to go after the hunters immediately. He puts together a team of the best fighters in his posse and they head out to track down the cannibals who attacked Dale. Dale and Andrea do get a few tender moments before they are separated, and that was nice to see. I'd imagine your personal connections would blaze fiercely in such a horrific post-apocalyptic world.

It doesn't take long for Rick's crew to track down the Hunters. There is a great little confrontation as Rick almost gives them a chance to explain themselves. There is no excuse for the cannibalism they are engaged in, but hearing the almost sane rationalizations from the Hunter leader is pretty fun. They guy isn't really about to convince anyone, but you can start to see why he believes it. The showdown goes down about as well as long-time readers can expect, I won't ruin it. I will say the closing line of "Maybe we'll have us a taste" is one heckuva way to close the book.

Charlie Adlard. You know what you're getting; strong emotional work and decent action sequences.


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