Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Models Inc. #1

Wow. I was hoping this would be so campy that I'd dig it, but after trying to power through a few pages, I couldn't even finish this thing. As I flipped through I saw that Paul Tobin is sticking with Marvel continuity, as in Patsy Walker is still Hellcat, but man. This was brutal for me to finish. I'm sure I'm not the target audience, but I really don't care about models trying to solve a murder. Looking at the title, this is totally my fault, I should have known better than to pick up this one! I've enjoyed Tobin's other work, so I think I'll just assume this is a miss for me because of the subject matter.

Vicenc Villagrasa's art is pleasant and bright, and fits the material well. The ladies all have good individual looks and the guys look fabulous.

I don't know who Tim Gunn is, but he puts on some Iron Man armor in the backup. I think once again, I'm not the target audience. I did like his pithy comments towards the thugs as he smacked them around in the Iron Man suit, but I'm pretty sure I'm missing the joke.

I dig retro books quite a bit, but I guess retro-books homaging old Millie the Model books is where I have to draw the line! This was obviously poor for me, but I'm thinking if someone had different (as in accurate) expectations, perhaps they'd dig this one.

Poor (probably just me though!)

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