Sunday, September 13, 2009

Exiles #6

What a crime that this book is ending so soon. Jeff Parker's version of the Exiles has been fun from start to finish. The story was a great sequel to the previous volume of the series. In the opening recap, Morph declares that some of the subplots could have been entertaining for years, but "since the book is cancelled, check out page 13!" That's awesome. Parker has proven that I need to check every book he writes.

The team quickly wraps up the mutant world storyline by setting up Phoenix against the White Queen. Sure, they are just fighting over Cyclops' affections, but I guess that is enough to break up the mutant alliance that was threatening that reality. Morph then kindly sends the team on a few day vacation on in an easy-going reality. When it is time to move on for their next mission, the team shows that they have been onto Blink as a plant for Morph. Parker lays out a neat situation where a team of the "founding" Exiles (Nocturne, Blink, Heather Hudson, and Morph) are working to repair the multiverse using the same crystal palace as used in the past series. I loved the connection to the previous volume of the series. Tying the broken timelines to trouble with Kang was a great idea. Parker even goes so far as to set up the idea that other Kangs are creating other teams of Exiles working at cross-purposes with the core cast. This really could have been a neat ongoing situation. I'm sad to see the title end, but with nice splash page showing the current lineup, at least it is possible these characters pop up somewhere.

Salva Espin brings the title home nicely. This title had a nice consistent feel throughout and I'm sad to see it go. If this becomes available in trade, it is worth checking out just for the fun alternate takes on each character.


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