Thursday, September 10, 2009

Justice League: Cry for Justice #3

Uch. I think this is my last issue of Cry for Justice. This comic is terrible. I honestly can't believe that James Robinson has the Atom torturing villains by jumping around in their heads, the same way his wife killed Sue Dibney in Identity Crisis. That's just foolish. Then Robinson adds fuel to the fire by having Green freaking Arrow, the ultra-liberal, standing around debating if it is torture or not! C'mon man! Add in the silly "I want justice!" dialogue that every character is spouting and this is a mess. Supergirl is no fun and really serves no point on the team. The Atom has gone from having no personality to having one I don't like (he actually says something about having pain that aspirin won't take away). Green Arrow and Green Lantern might be on their way to becoming villains. Mikaal Tomas is boring. The only character having any fun and acting in an interesting manner is Congorilla. He gets the best lines and is by far the most likable character in the comic.

Another HUGE problem I have with this issue in particular is that Robinson has Prometheus kill off the Global Guardians. As I have stated many times, I hate it when authors kill off characters just to make their current bad guys seem more nefarious. The worst offense is killing characters that the author has never even written (like this case with the Guardians). Robinson spent zero effort developing those characters yet he has no problem killing them (off-panel) to make his story seem more important. My only hope is that since these deaths are all described by Prometheus in flashback, it is entirely possible Prometheus is lying and another writer can just explain this away as villainous boasting. This series is not good enough to be worthy of killing off any characters, even 3rd rate folks like the Guardians.

I mean, I love Prometheus and want him to take the stage as a top-tier villain. But not like this. "NOT LIKE THIS!" (I should start quoting Hawkeye more.)

Mauro Cascioli's art is dramatic, but he makes some terrible choices in this. There are two panels where most of the team is talking to Supergirl's breasts. I like his take on Congorilla and Captain Marvel Jr., but everyone looks like a drama queen. Everyone has single tears going down their faces or clenched teeth and fists. Ugh.


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