Saturday, September 5, 2009

Red Circle: The Web #1

This is by far the strongest of the JMS-helmed relaunches of the Red Circle characters. The Web is a hero for hire out to do good and stay in the public eye doing it. He's had his entire life (and fortune) come easily, so after seeing how his brother does so much good for the unfortunate, John Raymond has decided to spend millions of dollars setting himself up as the Web, a hero for the people. In a grand-standing move, The Web has a website where anyone can ask for help, and it certainly seems like the Web enjoys the spotlight in his heroics. He helps starlets and normal people from normal problems, but he also seems to make time for cool stuff like chasing off bullies.

After John's brother gets wrapped up in some trouble the Web can't get him out of, John re-dedicates himself to helping people who are truly unfortunate. It seems John Raymond will still get himself in the spotlight, but he's going to try to maximize the actual good he can accomplish. The Web is a character in the Booster Gold mold, and that's probably why I like him so much and I'm so interested in reading more about him.

Roger Robinson is one of my favorite under-rated artists, and his stuff looks fantastic here. The Web's terrible costume might have looked awful, but it actually looks neat rendered by Robinson. I'd read an ongoing with this creative team in a second.


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