Saturday, November 13, 2010

Invincible #75

Robert Kirkman brings the gore and the drama in this huge, planet-busting chapter of the Viltrumite War.

I feel like it has been awhile since this book came out, I'm having a hard time remember exactly what was going on last time. In any case, Kirkman catches us up quickly as the allied forces attack the Viltrumites' home planet. It's a savage, violent battle, but these are the toughest members of Kirkman's super-hero universe. In Marvel, it would be class-100 characters only. Battle Beast, Space Ranger, Allen, everyone gets their shots in, but the worst happens when Oliver (Omni-Kid) is mangled by the Viltrumite leader. I hope he can survive, I really like the guy and don't want to see him die this soon. It goes even worse for another member of the allied powerhouses.

I do like how tough the boss is going to be to take down. There is no doubt that Invincible's battles with Conquest are the toughest he's had, and this guy is supposedly tougher than Conquest!

Ryan Ottley's artwork is gorgeous. He has a bunch of splash pages, both normal and double, that really sells this as a huge, cosmic battle. The pages with the floating dead Viltrumites were particularly haunting.


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