Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Batman & Robin #16

It's too bad that Frazer Irving couldn't finish out the closing chapter of this arc. His art has defined the confusing horror of the return of Dr. Hurt and Professor Pyg, so much that even the great art from Cameron Stewart feels out of place. At least Irving was able to finish up all the Pyg sequences; they looked fantastic and horrifying. Pyg is a wonderful addition to the rogues gallery, even with the competition this issue, he still steals the show.

So Dr. Hurt is really a devil-worshipping member of the Wayne family. One who's been hanging around for a hundred years causing trouble. With that level of crazy, having Batman return from time travel to save the day is positively mundane.

Dick Grayson and Damian carry their weight here, they do a great job against Dr. Hurt and his crew. But when Bruce Wayne comes back, Hurt doesn't have a chance. Hurt pulls out every trick to try and take out Batman, but Bruce just overcomes everything to put a stop to the mastermind. I do appreciate that the Joker gets to re-establish himself as the top bat-villain too; nothing like a well-placed banana peel.


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