Friday, January 11, 2013

Superior Spider-Man #1

Man, it does seem like you’ve never read a comic before! 

I haven’t had much to say about all the Amazing Spider-Man madness, because it seems to me that ever since they replaced Batman with Azrael, all these character changes are always temporary. This is an old-Coke, new-Coke situation, people. Do you love Peter Parker? So does everyone else! And you know what will make you love him more? Missing him for a few months as Doc Ock masquerades as the Superior Spider-Man.

The only question is this: is Doc Ock in Peter Parker’s body an intriguing enough concept to get a few months of stories from? After reading this issue, I’m going to say “yes.”

Dan Slott has caught such crap online, it is honestly amazing. I understand the knee jerk reaction to hearing that Peter is not wearing the suit. But man, don’t you want to see Spider-Man call the press before a fight so he can get his due respect? How about Spider-Man running from a fight when it is too tough? I think these are hilarious ideas that just highlight how even when trying his or her best, it is not easy to fill Peter Parker’s shoes. Doc Ock sets out to actively become Peter Parker, to “win” at life more than Parker did, and we know he can’t do it. But it is going to be fun to watch.

(Most importantly, this comic lives up to one of my important rules: If Big Wheel appears in the comic, it should be fun. Expectation met!)

I will admit to being very disturbed by the whole MJ thing. If she doesn’t know that Doc Ock is in Peter’s body, then what he does with her could very well constitute rape. It’s a blurry line, I know, and one that editor Stephen Wacker denies is there, but I see it. 

I figured Ryan Stegman was going to be a star when I first saw his work (that’s why I got a commission sketch from him in Chicago a few years ago). He’s living up to that expectation, launching a great-looking book. I wish he was drawing “classic” Boomerang, but I love his take on Speed Demon and the new Beetle. The new Spider-Man costume is pretty dynamic too. I think the prongs on the fingertips are a bit weird, but I like the small emblem on Spidey’s back, and the new multi-faceted eyes are a neat variance from the original look.


VAGUE SPOILER: I am shocked that Slott put the “escape hatch” in so early. We all knew Peter would be back, now we have a pretty good idea how. I really think Slott should have let some of those irate fanboys squirm on the hook a bit longer!

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