Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Avengers #2

Hmm. This was a lot slower paced than the first issue. I can certainly understand why; Jonathan Hickman has a lot of information he’s trying to dump in this one.

I always enjoy Hickman’s charts and diagrams when they feel like bonus material, but I’m not sure I love it as much when so many actual story pages are used. (I think three or four pages are largely taken up by these images.) I also worry that the plot is a bit… dense. I mean, there’s a lot of comic book science being thrown around as the Illuminati sit around the table. There’s not a lot of action to go along with it.

That’s a complaint about this whole comic. There is an awful lot of sitting around and talking. Even the confrontations, while well-written, are just talk. Who hasn’t wanted to see Black Panther confront Namor? Well, there’s some sparkling dialogue between the two, but not punches thrown. I’m confident Hickman knows what the audience wants, because it is there in the dialogue. And speaking of dialogue, Hickman does a great job with both the Panther and Namor. The others don’t have quite as much a chance to shine, but I like stand-up guy Cap, too.

The closing pages show off what Steve Epting could do with a little more action; those red-washed battle scenes are stunning. Epting’s Black Panther is fantastic, looking regal and powerful even when he’s just strolling around. I can’t wait to see a full-figure drawing of Iron Man; you know that will look great. I am unsure on the current look for Dr. Strange. It looks like he’s Sorcerer Supreme again, which is good, but that third eye is gross!

I think my only issue with this book is the pacing. I had the same complaint with Secret Warriors, SHIELD, and Fantastic Four from Hickman in the past. I do like his writing; I just think it works better in trade format.


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