Thursday, January 24, 2013

Indestructible Hulk #3

Clearly my Hulk-fu is lacking, because I have no idea who this Quintronic Man is. But Mark Waid does what he does best and reintroduces the concept in a fantastic new way. AIM’s plan to put a new pilot in the suit along with the corpses of the old co-pilots? That’s brilliant stuff and an idea that is remarkably spooky and exciting at the same time.

For me, Waid is striking the perfect balance between destructive heroics and the development of Bruce Banner: Agent of SHIELD. I like seeing Banner putting together a team of rogue scientists; they’ve all got good potential as a new supporting cast. But I come to this book for the punching, and Waid has made sure there is plenty in each issue.

And man, am I glad AIM is involved. I love my super villain techies, and by getting them involved, this feels like Hulk has been dropped into an ongoing SHIELD story. Maria Hill is still handling all the cases she normally would, but now she’s got a Hulk.

Leinil Yu’s art is so much fun. He’s got a fairly realistic vibe, but the more I see the Hulk’s armor, the more of a Kirby vibe I’m getting off it. I also think Yu might be, ah, scaling back Maria Hill’s chest. She was really out there in issue 1; I think this portrayal is a bit more in line with other artists’ interpretations.


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