Monday, January 28, 2013

Deadpool #4

This was a weird comic. It felt like Brian Posehn and Gerry Dugan had a nice focus going for the first half of the book. While some big name presidents like Andrew Jackson and JFK go down pretty easily, it had to happen. Not every Dead President can fit the boss-villain role. (I will say the lack of They Might Be Giant jokes for James K. Polk did bum me out!)

It seems Abe Lincoln is one of the main villains, he gets half the issue to himself. (Well, he has a small cheering section of ineffective presidents). I like that it is so easy to get Honest Abe involved in an MMA match. The villains’ plans have been hilariously vague, so seeing them gather followers and get distracted makes a lot of sense.

I would have thought Adrian Van Lundgren was a real MMA fighter. He gets a pretty important role both before and during DP’s fight with Honest Abe.

Tony Moore seems to be having a good time with the book. He gets to draw DP dressed up like Marilyn Monroe while he takes out JFK (Wade’s favorite president). He also draws Posehn into the big splash page, so I’m sure there are more cameos that I’m missing. I also like that Wade’s new president slicing sword has provided Moore with a whole new type of zombie gore for the printed page.

And President Taft flies around in a bubble bath. That too.


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