Monday, January 21, 2013

All-New X-Men #6

Well, we had a fair amount happen in the last two issues. Time to sloooow things down again. Let’s not get crazy here! 

Bendis loves his slow burn, talky plots. Clearly, most people love it, but it has driven me crazy for years now. After setting up the young X-Men at the Jean Grey school in the first five issues, here’s what happens in issue six: Jean Grey has a nightmare and talks to Kitty and Storm. Cyclops tries to buy a magazine. Angel and Archangel go flying together. And young Cyclops blasts Wolverine after Logan acts like a bully. That’s it. For $3.99, that’s just hard to take.

I have to assume that I’m supposed to not like Wolverine. He’s a grouchy bully who is clearly enjoying the power he has over young Cyclops. Since the old Cyclops is out of reach, I guess Logan will take out his frustrations on easier targets. The fact that none of the other X-Men have really stuck up for Cyclops (either one) confuses me, but that’s where we are. 

David Marquez’ art is absolutely beautiful. He draws Storm with crazy blue eyes that make her even more stunning than normal. (He also does a great job with her hair and costume, making me regret Storm’s upcoming decision to go back to the Mohawk.) Marquez’s faces are wonderful, the acting is flawless and there is no doubt in what the characters are thinking. Heck, Bendis may have dialed back the dialogue a tad because the art is so clear. Marquez doesn’t get to do much action, only one panel where Cyclops blasts Wolvie (and the dream sequence), so I’m curious to see how he handles more fighting in later issues.

Fair (bumped up by the art)

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