Sunday, January 20, 2013

GI Joe Ongoing: Cobra Command TPB

I’m not sure things get any better after the new Cobra Commander gets his cowl. Chuck Dixon falls into a lot of the same traps as the first collection, most notably a lack of clarity on who is who.

Further muddying the waters is the highly visible presence of UN troops. These guys get slaughtered like nobodies’ business, but again, it is hard to get attached to these guys when they die this fast. The law of diminishing returns hits quickly; I’m not sure why we even see the Joe tank team as they get pasted by Cobra.

The crossover with Snake Eyes gets a lot more central too. Iceberg and Alpine show up from Snake Eyes’ solo book. At least, that’s what I assume, cause I can’t figure out why else they’d be popping up. Agent Helix gets a lot of screen time too; she’s another enigma.

Will Rosado comes in on art, and things get a tiny bit better in his issues. I still can’t tell if Duke or Hawk is speaking, making for some extremely confusing radio discussions. The covers are shocking. They are extremely disconnected from the interior art style, and the characters on the cover bear little resemblance to those in the comic (although they are usually wearing costumes I recognize on the cover).

For a book that seemed to be working hard to try and maintain a realistic approach, there are a lot of crazy toy-based vehicles showing up for Cobra. I spotted Mambas, trouble bubbles, and those weird wheelie things.

I picked these up for 99 cents each from Comixology, and they were certainly worth that. But I can’t imagine I’ll be keeping up with any more of the “core” Joe titles when I can keep reading Larry Hama’s Real American Hero.


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