Sunday, January 6, 2013

Invincible #99

Wow. Robert Kirkman is obviously best known for Walking Dead these days, but I hope he always finds time for his super-hero creation. Invincible continues to deliver shocks and thrills bigger and better than most other super-comics on the stands.

After Dinosaurus flooded the Earth last month, the Guardians of the Globe are overtaxed trying to deal with it. We get some pages of the Guardians dealing with the West Coast flooding, and we hear about other Kirkman-verse creations like the Actioneers, the Wolfman Corps, and others trying to make a difference. It’s pretty cool hearing about the world-wide super response; I’d love to see more of it on the page if there is time. As cool as that variety of heroes is, hearing about Robot piloting 30 bodies at the same time is the highlight of the issue. And that’s WHILE he’s coming up with a more long-term solution to the coastal flooding.

Alternating with the Guardians’ rescue efforts, we get a fantastic throwdown between Invincible and Dinosaurus. Ryan Ottley makes it clear this is a brutal, violent battle with huge stakes. Every page of this issue is a splash page, and yet a ton happens. Kirkman does provide a fair amount of dialogue, and the book does feel like quite a bit is happening. But the action has a lot of room to stretch its wings. These two Superman-level characters have a destructive battle worthy of a hundredth issue (and this is only #99). I am curious about Mark Grayson’s lack of costume on the last couple pages. Any hope for a clone situation?

Is it too much to hope that “Everybody Dies” won’t actually have any death in it? All these characters have too much potential for any of them to leave the book now. Who doesn’t want to see more of Bulletproof? Or Atom Eve? Allen the Alien is a fan fave (at least to me).



Devin said...

I finally started reading this last month. Plowed through about 60 issues in two weeks. Great stuff.

Timbotron said...

I knew you'd love it!