Friday, January 18, 2013

Daredevil #22

This month I’m going to gush over the art. Chris Samnee has been a blessing on this title, making the book his own, yet retaining the cartoony aspects of the others artists on the series so far. 

Samnee’s little details really make Daredevil’s world come alive. When Matt Murdock is getting a celebrity photo snapped, his glasses are riding up in a ridiculous way; you can see the embarrassment on Murdock’s face. I love the new look of the mystery villain’s suit. There are clear panels on his power armor showing off the tech inside. Why? Because it looks awesome. 

As always, Samnee excels in the expression of Matt Murdock’s radar sense. When DD needs to isolate the power source in the villain’s armor, the reader can pick out the sound that DD is zeroing in on from the first panel. When Spidey gets his arm dislocated, “POP” is written in bones. The art has a sense of action and fun that is rare in most comics these days. 

Of course, Mark Waid does a fantastic job with the Superior Spider-Man and his new sensibilities. Dialogue and posture are both markedly different, and seeing DD try to puzzle through the change is thrilling. I also appreciate that this might be the only time this villain gets a splash page for his debut in a book, and Waid sells it. The tension from the Spidey/DD fight is high enough that this guy rearing his head really is a blessing. 

This is comics 101. Two heroes meet, fight, then team up against another villain. But it’s never looked this good or been this fun.


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