Saturday, January 12, 2013

Comics on the Bubble: Cage (2002) #1-5

I haven’t read this series since it originally came out. As I was sorting through my bins, I noticed the artist. I don’t think I appreciated Richard Corben enough in 2002. I wanted to see if I enjoyed the series more with that affection for Corben’s work.

It turns out; yes, Corben’s work is great. He’s got a fun twist on Luke Cage, Hammerhead, and Tombstone. They are all transformed from Marvel heroes into “realistic” characters that could appear on a cable crime show. The design is good, the dialogue is fine, but in the end, I just prefer the “normal” versions of these characters.

Brian Azzarello is hit-or-miss with me. I was actually very into the developing mystery at the opening of this series, but by the end, I felt like the story fizzled out. The master plan of the antagonists is remarkably simple and not really worth the effort spent puzzling it out. And the lack of a clear ending makes this read like an unfinished chapter rather than a complete mini-series. This book just ENDS.

Cage #1-5: SELL

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