Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Walking Dead #85

How in the world is anyone in the Community going to buy into Rick's leadership if they find out what a nutbar he is? Out of everyone there, he was the first to be willing to cut and run. I realize the guy has had some terribly close calls with death, but I'm just not sure that Rick has enough going on upstairs to be able to bring about his big plan of a more proactive Community.

I'm also worried about Abraham. The guy is always going full-throttle, and Robert Kirkman does a nice job showing us that the guy is always on. He's killing zombies, cheating on his gal, and taking leadership roles around the town. I could see him as someone Rick relies on for a lot of stuff, or he might be shot by his ex next issue, that's how out there this book has gotten.

It's funny, seeing Glenn and Maggie is wonderful. These two are clearly damaged too, but for now, it seems that having each other is enough. I don't figure it can last, but it is nice to see it while we can.

Charlie Adlard. Solid, as always. What more can I say about his art at this point?


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