Saturday, May 7, 2011

Justice League of America #56

James Robinson is trying. His normal league can't handle Eclipso, and who is surprised? These guys are not exactly the A-list. Heck, I don't remember what happened to Jesse Quick...

In any case, Congorilla rides to the rescue to help out the embattled Donna Troy, and he brings along Cyborg, Animal Man, Bulleteer, Red Tornado, and best of all, Zauriel. Zauriel even gets a few panels of one-on-one battle with Eclipso. It makes sense that these two former servants of heaven would have some history; it makes this confrontation the most interesting part of the book.

I do like Robinson's take on Donna Troy. She's tremendously powerful, a more brawl-y Wonder Woman. She doesn't exactly lead with her fists, but she's close enough that I find myself rooting for her over everyone else in the book. And am I alone in thinking Obsidian may actually get to play the hero in this story?

Brett Booth. Uch. Those weird elongated necks and faces. The smooth, curvy butts. Blerg.


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