Friday, May 6, 2011

Avengers Academy #13

What a sweet done-in-one. Super-heroes rarely get a moment to decompress and hang out as friends, so I loved seeing Christos Gage's super-hero prom. The book is chock full of Gage's signature strengths; it references all sorts of current continuity for Firestar and the Young Allies, it brings Reptil back in line, there are Easter Eggs for Avengers: The Initiative readers, and best of all, Gage hooks up a fair amount of the cast. The students pairing off doesn't really surprise me, but seeing the faculty just as... sociable? That's just fun.

And how wonderful was it seeing Speedball just goofing off and acting like his old self? Hardball should know better than to mess with Robbie Baldwin!

There isn't any threat or greater meaning to this one, it's just a solid issue showing the personal side of some great B-list characers.

Sean Chen is still the best fill-in artist in the business. I'd love to see him take over an Avengers book permanently. He's a perfect fit.


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