Monday, May 16, 2011

Batman Incorporated #6

Dang, I do love me some Grant Morrison comics. This issue is mostly set up as Morrison lays out the organization Batman is building across the globe. We stop in with most of the new Batman franchises, some of whom are new (at least to me), and some we know pretty well. It's kind of neat seeing folks like Night Ranger and El Gaucho from the original Batmen of All Nations mixed in with newer franchises like Cassandra Cain (called Blackbat, I think). Red Robin gets his own team, the problem is it's the Outsiders. Catwoman, Knight, Squire, and more make it onto the cover, but we don't get to see them in the comic. In any case, it's a pretty dang impressive group Bats has put together.

The framing device for the issue is fantastic, with Nero Nykto, the Night-Eye reporting to new Gotham boss Joe Average. It's wonderful, even if it is clear how it is going to turn out after about half the issue.

Chris Burnham does another strong job. The cover is wonderful, and at his best he does a great Frank Quitely impression (like on all the Joe Average pages). There are some Gotham-based pages in the middle that seem a bit off, but then, Burnham had to draw the Outsiders, so that probably knocked him off his game. (Can you tell I don't like them?)


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Martin Gray said...

Yeah, terrific issue. Apart from the Outsiders. Who on earth is that big fella? Has Looker been de-vamped?