Friday, May 27, 2011

Hawkeye: Blindspot #4

So I guess Mockingbird is all shot up from her activities in New Avengers? I dropped that title, so I’m a bit behind, but I guess that’s why Hawkeye is running solo for this limited series? I’m not complaining, I’m fine with Hawkeye in the spotlight solo, but it seems weird that he doesn’t even mention her at any part of the story.

Jim McCann continues doing his great work on Hawkeye. Nothing works better in comics than an evil brother as your new arch-foe, so setting up Barney Barton as the new Trickshot is a stroke of genius. And playing up the whole rivalry between Hawk and Baron Zemo is a great move too; Hawkeye has a pretty respectable rogues’ gallery at this point!

The whole “going blind” thing created some solid dramatic tension through the series, but McCann wraps up the whole thing nicely, tying that resolution into Barney’s reappearance too.

Paco Diaz did a great job on art for this whole series. I look forward to seeing more from him.


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