Saturday, May 21, 2011

Goon: Deaths' Greedy Comeuppance TPB

Eric Powell rarely gets to show off his two sides so clearly in one collection. The first few issues in this collection are a wonderful bit of fun, with Frankie and the gang trying to help the Good celebrate his birthday. It's hijinks and silliness, and well deserved for the cast after the last storyline. This book had been in a pretty dark place for awhile, so seeing everyone go back to their old insanity is quite welcome. The second Goon issue is a fun "silent" issue that only works because we know these characters so well.

The rest of the trade collects the three-issue Buzzard limited series. It's interesting, but it never quite lives up to the absolutely brilliant covers. It's hard, because Powell has a good story here, and Buzzard is a character with a ton of pathos. The problem is he's had so many heart-breaking stories over the years, I came into the story expecting those moments. Again, Powell does a good job, especially with the tease of a meaningful life for the old Buzzard. And that last line, it's almost enough to give me hope for him.

The art is wonderful, brilliant, and stunning. The ancient monster's evil-nose powers are funny and horrifying at the same time. All that, plus Powell can draw ladies too!

Just gorgeous stuff.


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