Monday, December 17, 2012

Walking Dead #105

No Rick at all this month. Instead, we get to worry for Carl as Negan leads him around through the Savior’s HQ. And what a headquarters it is. Negan has built himself a nice cult of personality, full of scared underlings and obedient women. Robert Kirkman hasn’t shied away from showing what some people would do with apocalyptic freedom. Negan is a great example of what a bully can accomplish without any societal reigns.

Negan really might be insane. His personality fluctuates wildly from page to page. He flatters, threatens, and boasts to Carl in panel after panel. There is no way for Carl (or the reader) to get a good read on this guy. Sometimes he almost seems charismatic, but then he shows his evil motivations for almost everything, reminding us he is after all, a big bully. I think that is clearest when one of his flunkies returns his “vampire” baseball bat. Negan terrifies and confuses the guy just for fun.

Good work Kirkman, I cannot wait to see Rick and company kill this guy. It’s gonna be sweet.

Charlie Adlard has a lot of new faces to introduce in this one, and he does a decent job. Most of the speaking roles are filled with people who stick out at least a bit. Glasses, hairstyles and awful scars go a long way in differentiating characters. Things might get rough if these guys start interacting with our leads, though!


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