Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Invincible #98

Invincible remains a fun, fast-paced comic that delivers everything I want from a superhero comic. But I also have to admit that the history and continuity are getting daunting. I don’t remember where we left off with Angstrom, the mad teleporter. Robert Kirkman gives us some background and helpful dialogue with Dinosaurus and Bulletproof, but man, when the Guardians show up; a new reader wouldn’t have a chance. There are a lot of folks who pop up and don’t get name-checked. 

That said, I love seeing the Guardians showing up and being so effective for the bulk of the issue. Did anyone else notice Shapesmith signing autographs and saving hot ladies in the background of a couple panels? Nice work, Ryan Ottley! 

Speaking of Ottley, seeing the two costumes on the cover really lets me appreciate both. The “Dark Invincible” suit Mark is wearing is a great look for his current proactive attitude. But I can’t be alone in thinking Bulletproof is in trouble during this story, right? 

Seriously, everybody dies is looking like a mighty accurate story title. I’ve got to think this is going to end with Bulletproof dead and Invincible reclaiming his heroic mantle. At least, that’s what I’d expect in a normal comic from Marvel of DC. This being a Kirkman book? I’m just looking forward to the next issue.


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