Friday, December 14, 2012

Cable & X-Force #1

Here is this week’s random Marvel NOW sampling. The decision was pretty easy, since this stars two faves of mine, Colossus and Domino, and features art from Salvador Larrocca. Unfortunately, other than a very brief opening scene in the first few pages, Colossus doesn’t even appear. He has no dialogue, and writer Dennis Hopeless doesn’t mention or hint at Colossus’ recent trials and tribulations. Colossus was just possessed by Cyttorak then the Phoenix Force. I know he’s not the lead, but man, that’s some good back-story to deal with!

Cable gets most of the pages, with Hope having a bigger role than I’d assumed. She’s not on the cover, but a lot of this issue involves getting the two of them re-connected (with the help of Domino, who does get a nice little infiltration sequence). I’m happy to see the parental reunion, but there isn’t a lot of drama left after they meet up.

In fact, that’s my main problem with this issue. What is the draw to bring me back next month? The out-of-sequence opening where Cable shoots Havok and upsets the Uncanny Avengers? Am I supposed to be worried about Cable’s headaches? Or maybe the cliffhanger where the techno-organic virus is spilling off a ship onto the beach? Maybe it’s just me, but none of those elements provide enough of a pull to bring me back. This is a perfectly fine comic, but I’m not excited or anxious to see what happens.

Larrocca has been a fave of mine for years. I don’t love his current photo-reference style, but even that is beautiful. A lot of characters look like themselves here. (Forge especially has been oddly rendered over his last few appearances.) I will say Dr. Nemesis looks ridiculous on that cover, but in the book itself he’s in his current costume and on-model. Domino looks great, but admittedly, she's got a striking look. Cable’s silly new arm is amusing, but at least the characters comment on it. 

Again, good characters, nice art. But a story that just left me cold.


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