Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hawkeye #5

Whoops, I have to give Matt Fraction his credit. His Clint Barton doesn’t kill either, at least not right now. It was likely that the “tape” of Hawkeye murdering a terrorist would end up being fake, and that’s how things turn out in the second chapter of this action-packed two-parter. In fact, when a low-level villain is about to fall to his doom, Hawkeye even offers him his hand to try and save him. That’s the Hawkeye I know and love! (I also love that the villain said “Never!” and dropped to his death. Who does that? Does that flunky think his death accomplishes anything?)

I am amused at the extra-long sky sled Maria Hill uses to rescue both Hawkeyes. It’s also hard not to smile at the Die Hard-ification of Clint Barton as an action movie hero. He is running barefoot over broken glass in a nice callback to the 80’s classic. And even though this book is full of Hawkeye’s adventures when he’s not with the Avengers, he still has time to use a couple trick arrows. Again, that’s Hawkeye as I like him.

Hoo boy, did I whiff on figuring out that Kate Bishop was impersonating Madam Masque last month. That’s ok, it becomes clear pretty quickly exactly what’s going on, and Javier Pulido does a nice job playing up the differences between them for the rest of the issue. The action is kinetic and explosive; all you could want in the climax of a heist story.


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