Friday, December 7, 2012

Batman Inc. #5

Only Grant Morrison could pack a comic with this much nonsense and still have it come out ALMOST making sense.

I have a lot of friends who don’t care for Morrison’s writing, and this issue is a pretty good example of what they don’t like. Popped in the middle of an ongoing storyline, this issue takes place in an insane future where Damian Wayne is Batman, the Joker has taken over Gotham, and Barbara Gordon is now the wheelchair-bound commissioner. New characters pop up in bit parts, and while they are interesting, there is no context for anything. It’s just a mad dash of ideas, and Morrison is just counting on the reader to go along for the ride with no concept of the meaning or repercussions of the action.

Eventually, the book circles back to Batman Inc. for one page. The team is trying to take out a Leviathan base, but Talia is ready for them. It doesn’t look good for our team, but I can’t imagine they’d kill popular supporting characters like Batwing, Knight, or Squire. But seriously, we only get two pages of this? The rest of the issue is either a fantasy or a prediction, either way, it’s just weird.

Chris Burnham makes everything work. His future Batman is tricked out with a sweet costume and fantastic new toys. The last hold-out of order in Gotham looks claustrophobic and desperate. I’m a little blurry on the mysterious man giving the president orders, but I assume that’s in the script. My problems with this narrative have nothing to do with art.