Saturday, December 1, 2012

Deadpool #2

Well. Perhaps my feelings about being Deadpool-ed out were correct. Didn’t the first issue just come out a week or two ago? It seems while I do appreciate the character, I seem to like him best in small doses. 

This isn’t a BAD issue; I just wasn’t as taken with the charm and silliness as I was in the first issue. Adding Ben Franklin as a hormonal spiritual adviser is amusing, and I can’t help but laugh at the broad presidential caricatures from Gerry Dugan and Brian Posehn. The problem is this is starting to feel long and it has only been two issues. 

I know Wade has a healing factor, but is there a reason he just jumped out of the SHIELD ship as he arrived at the zoo? I will say the whole elephant thing led to some good jokes at the close of the book. 

Tony Moore’s artwork is still strong, although he’s definitely better at drawing guys than he is at ladies. His women of the Marvel U dream at the opening looked OK, but nowhere near as strong as his slapstick and violence later in the book. 


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