Sunday, December 9, 2012

Deadpool #3

Now what the heck is going on here? 

I really liked issue #1, found #2 to be boring, and now I’m liking issue #3 again. Are the writers (Gerry Dugan and Brian Posehn) switching off or something? Seriously, the jokes are back to the quality of issue one. I actually laughed out loud a few times while reading this one. 

Comedy will only get me so far in reading a book, and another improvement comes from the involvement of Dr. Strange. He’s still wearing that weak get-up from New Avengers, but Strange is fully in his element here. His dialogue stays true to character while still getting in a few zingers, helping him to fit in a Deadpool comic.
Slowly but surely, Deadpool is working his way through the dead presidents. Abe Lincoln and George Washington return to bedevil our hero, and they escape again too. I guess they must be the recurring villains in this weird comic!

Tony Moore must be ticked to draw this version of Dr. Strange. Surely that’s a disappointment for folks other than me! I do like the design of the occult SHIELD logo on the Necromancer. That certainly seems like a good lead-in for an ongoing plot. Moore also continues to excel on the gore. When Gerry Ford takes a header into a propeller, you know the quality on that viscera is going to be high. 


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