Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Iron Man #4

I read this one with my daughter, and aside from a couple bloody panels where I had to scroll off the page quickly, she loved it. 

Ever since the Avenger movie she has been extra fond of Tony Stark, and seeing a different set of armor each issue is too exciting to pass up. (She wanted to read this because she thought that this was a new set of Hulkbuster armor. I’m raising her right.)

I bet nerds will take offense at Kieron Gillen pointing out that Stark is not a Tolkein fan, especially right when The Hobbit is coming out. But I was more surprised that Stark would be familiar with Lovecraft; that just doesn’t seem like the type of thing that a rich playboy would ever have read.

The nameless vampire/demon ladies look pretty good. If there was ever an example of playing to your artists strengths, this is it. Greg Land has been consistent and impressive on his armor design, and we all know he can draw hot ladies. We also know he likes copying images into different panels and books. Having 12 identical hotties as the villains really plays to his strengths. 

One other note: Marvel, is this book weekly? That’s awfully expensive for a $3.99 title. You’re lucky I enjoy it! 



Sean said...

Dude, so many Lovecraft stories are about some wistful dilettante who has nothing better to do with his money than explore the forbidden. That's totally tongue-in-cheek and appropriate for the character.

Timbotron said...

Oh, I get it thematically, but for the character? Do you think a rich playboy, son of an arms dealer, read nerd fundamentals like Lovecraft?