Thursday, December 6, 2012

All-New X-Men #2

We don’t really know a lot more after two issues than we did in the previews, do we? That’s one frustrating thing about the internet, hype-based world of comics we live in. We’re two issues in to this series, and basically everything that has happened so far is pretty telegraphed in Bendis’ interviews. We didn’t know exactly how the past X-Men arrived in the present, but the answer ended up being so random and “easy” that it was a letdown anyway. Beast can just jump back in time whenever he wants? Why not do more than bring back the teen X-Men? It makes no sense!

There are some interesting elements at play here. I love the first meeting between the two different Icemen. Young Hank McCoy’s fear about his future fate makes a lot of sense. Wolverine’s reaction to Cyclops and Jean’s re-appearance makes sense and immediately sets up some interesting conflicts. But man, this book is $3.99 and nothing is really happening other than Beast repeatedly explaining what he wants from the young X-Men!

I’m giving this one more issue, and then I’m going to wait for digital sales. The pacing is driving me nuts! I want to see Cyclops as the head of the Brotherhood facing down the X-Men! Not watch the young X-Men get caught up on continuity.

Stuart Immonen’s artwork is gorgeous, as always. Just too many talking heads for my taste!


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