Monday, June 18, 2012

X-Men: Legacy #268

I’m of two minds on this issue. On the one hand, I really appreciate the character work Christos Gage does with Frenzy. She’s been around a lot of years and yet I know almost nothing about her. Gage gives her a motivating (if somewhat generic) back-story; really fleshing out the character and giving us a view into her mindset. It’s hard not to like her and even rationalize some of her choices in her mutant/human outlook. There aren’t any super-villains who need smashing, but Frenzy accomplishes a lot punching flatscans (humans).

On the other hand, this is billed as an Avengers vs. X-Men tie in, with the Phoenix Five prominently displayed on the cover. Only Cyclops appears, and that is darn brief. I guess the P5 are running around taking over the world, or stopping violence or something? I really have no idea what’s happening, I don’t think we’ve seen this global initiative in the core AvX title.

So that’s a bit of a problem. We’ve got a strong character piece in a global situation that sure seems like we should already know about it.

David Baldeon impresses me this month. I’m not usually a fan of his cartoonish style, but man, he’s got Frenzy down. She doesn’t walk anywhere. She either stops, storms, or crashes through every panel in this comic. She doesn’t walk around trees or rocks, she blasts through them. If Frenzy is like this, she may quickly become one of my favorite X-Men!


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