Tuesday, June 5, 2012

X-Men Legacy #267

I love Rogue. I love She-Hulk. In fact, they may be my top two comic book ladies. So seeing the two of them go at it is pretty great. Especially with Rogue channeling She-Hulk’s powers!

Rogue beat the Avengers single-handedly in her first appearance, so it only makes sense that she’d tear up this smaller team now. Sure, she gets a little back up from the other X-Men, but for the most part, this is her show. (How cool was it seeing Gambit fight Moon Knight? I want more of that in the Versus title!) I figured Iron Man was a little too busy to appear in this book, but Gage makes the most of it. At this rate, Iron Man could show up in every title and you could just try to figure out which armor was the newest, and therefore, occupied.

It’s nice seeing Shadowcat show up and take some action. Since I read Wolverine & the X-Men in trade, I haven’t seen much of her in awhile. More importantly, this book is the catalyst that sends more big names over to the X-Men’s roster in AvX. Rogue, Gambit, Shadowcat, even Cannonball will be welcome additions.

Rafa Sandoval does not like to draw backgrounds. There are a lot of good fights in this, and they look great (She-Hulk vs. Rogue, people). He does have a habit of just going with a solid color in the background of almost every panel. Even if he does put in some other detail, it’s pretty simple. It also would have helped to put Shadowcat in her costume, I miss those blue puffy sleeves.


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