Friday, June 22, 2012

Invincible #92

This is shaping up to be another classic storyline for Invincible. With Mark Grayson suffering a partial power loss (he’s retained his super-strength, but loss his invulnerability), Bulletproof is still filling in as Invincible. It’s great seeing the core cast expanded, and I love the glimpse we get into BP’s family life. Robert Kirkman doesn’t give us the whole story all at once, but clearly BP maintains a pretty complicated out-of-costume existence.

With the upcoming Guardians of the Globe title, it makes sense that Kirkman shines the spotlight on his super-team. The next round of Squid invasion is quickly repelled by the assembled Guardians, but that’s the sideshow. Instead, the focus of the Guardians’ pages is on Robot and Monster Girl. We knew the two of them were trapped together in an alien dimension where time passes much, much faster. It seems the two of them were trapped there for 700 years, and they were together the whole time. Something happened between them that Robot is still angry over, but I can’t help but feel for Monster Girl. I love that Kirkman makes me care so much about these background characters. Ryan Ottley’s art is so perfect; the anguish on both characters’ faces is palpable. I’m a sucker for these tortured romance subplots! Get back together, kids!

Cory Walker actually draws the alien universe sequence, and he does a nice job. I have to say I prefer Ottley’s smoother lines at this point, but splitting the art really sells the parallel stories. Again, I’m shocked at how good Bulletproof looks in the Invincible suit. I’m fine with this status quo for a good long while (at least through issue 100, which will no doubt feature Mark’s triumphant return).

I can’t wait for the upcoming Guardians of the Globe title; let’s just hope Robot and Monster Girl make the cut!


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