Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Batman #10


You gotta admit comic books are pretty dang funny. I mean, a long-lost evil brother? That has conveniently never been mentioned before? That’s soap opera territory, for certain. I don’t really have a problem with it, although I certainly don’t think that Scott Snyder had laid out enough clues about lil’ Thomas Wayne’s origin. (I will go back and check to see if the one hint in the dialogue is reflected in the art. I sure hope so.) These long-lost relatives always make me laugh, and it sure looks like Tommy is going to get his own series in the upcoming Talon book, but I’d think we’re going to need some redemption for the character. Unless this is another villain book, and if so, how is this one different from Deathstroke or Voodoo? Heck, Batman & Robin’s Damian could end up being VERY similar if the Scott Snyder isn’t careful. Ah well, this is a new Batman anyway, right?

Basically, as for the issue itself, I really feel like I missed a chapter or two. How did Batman get the clue about that rich lady at the start of the comic? Was that in Batman #9, or a tie-in that I didn’t read? It’s also a tad disappointing seeing Bats go from on the run to a nice boss fight. Taking down the Court wasn’t that tough after all, it seems. (Or more likely, the actual battle all took place in tie-ins that I don’t read!)

The Jarvis Pennyworth (hee hee) back-up is sort of a cheat, just there to show “yes, this is for real, Tommy Wayne exists!” Other than that, I’m not sure what we’re getting out of this back-up. Very strange.

Greg Capullo’s art continues to impress. I do really like Talon’s new suit, he’s got great potential to be a lasting Gotham bad guy. Batman continues to look imposing and powerful when rendered by Capullo’s pencils. I also liked the small glimpses we got of the depression-era penthouse in the opening pages.


Looks like I missed the point, and this Thomas Wayne is going to be the Nu52 Owlman rather than the Talon in the upcoming series. Whoops!


Newmie Newmz said...

Tommy Wayne reveal = f#%king dumb

I really hope this isn't true.

And I agree this was choppy story telling towards the end. You definitely feel like you are missing something if you haven't read all the tie-ins.

Jeff said...

Can't disagree more. Loved this comic book. Couldn't have been done more perfectly. :)