Friday, June 15, 2012

Green Lantern #10

C’mon, I dare you to read this comic and not have a good time. Geoff Johns delivers one of his patented masterpieces to wrap up the Indigo Tribe storyline. This one is just packed with sweet moments, from the horrific approach of the “freed” tribe to Black Hand’s choice. Black Hand is one guy that did NOT want to be rehabilitated. I like Hand’s potential at the close of the issue too. But I don’t think ANYONE is going to be surprised by that ending.

Hal Jordan comes across as a competent hero who doesn’t solve all his problems with his fists. Instead, he actually inspires Natromo, the Indigo Tribe Guardian. Hal Jordan acts like a hero! Sinestro acts like one too. As I’ve said, only in comics could I find myself pulling for Sinestro after all the crap he’s done. Darn it, I want to see him come out of this as a GL again. He and Hal make too good a combo to see them split up anytime soon.

This book is simply frantic. Doug Mahnke does a masterful job in building the rainy jungle setting. You can practically hear the freed Indigo’s shouting and shuffling as they catch up with our heroes. Mahnke delivers the “acting” in Indigo-1’s big moment too.

Books like this are the reason I have not given up on the New 52!


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Newmie Newmz said...

Not really knowing where this story is heading as a whole, I hope this isn't a tale of Sinestro's redemption.

For me Sinestro is much more interesting as an obvious villain who really believes he is serving the greater good by making the end justify the means.