Sunday, June 3, 2012

Secret Avengers #27

Marvel’s accelerated publishing schedule is beginning to catch up with me. I picked up this comic to review it, but I was having a devil of a time remembering what happened. After opening it, I realized that I hadn’t read it yet; I was confusing it with the last issue of Avengers. Too many issues in one month dealing with the same story, people!

In any case, Rick Remender is still doing a great job with this title. War Machine gets a lot more to do in this issue, and Remender has a nice handle on his voice. Good old Jim Rhodes was knocked out when things weren’t half as bleak as they are when he wakes up. Thor also comes off like a leader here; we usually see Thor backing up Cap or Iron Man, but I really enjoy seeing him taking charge. He talks up Captain Britain to try and get his confidence back up, and takes charge when his team gets split up. The split works well; there are plenty of nice character moments for the entire roster (except Protector, but who cares?)

I’m curious who is behind this Kree manipulation. It sure looks like the Supreme Intelligence isn’t calling the shots. Too bad, I like that big brain. I’m also still unsure if this is the real Captain Marvel or not. He certainly has the memories, but how many times has Marvel teased us now?

I still love Renato Guedes’ “beautiful” take on an Avengers comic. Beast’s (in ape form) has painstakingly illustrated hair. Thor has a distinctive nose that keeps him from looking like Captain Britain. This looks like a romance comic or something, but man, when it’s time for Thor to smash someone’s head with a hammer, it looks pretty sweet too.


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