Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Avengers Academy #31

So the lesson learned in these last two issues is that Christos Gage needs to be writing Hercules more regularly. Herc simply steals the show in these two issues. I think I prefer him in this issue over last month, simply because I’m not reminded of his temporary loss of powers. I’m not sure Herc really belongs as an instructor for the Academy, but man, he’s a great guest lecturer, and I would be thrilled to see Gage write him again.

There’s a fun scene where Tigra takes on the mind-wiped Sebastian Shaw, and he comments about how tough she is. I appreciate that Gage is repeatedly having his villains comment on Tigra’s coolness, but eventually she’s got to show it on the page. I’m not saying she needs to beat up Dr. Doom, but maybe a win over Kraven the Hunter or some other B-tier villain would be better than having B-level guys say “yeah, she’s pretty good.”

Sebastian Shaw is another problem for me. I’m simply not interested in him as a mind-wiped, confused man. He’s a great, classic villain, and giving this blank dude two whole issues seems like too much. Especially since his actions this month make last month’s fighting meaningless.

Tom Grummett’s art cracks me up. I’ve always enjoyed his art, but there is a splash page in the open of the book with a teenage girl with a bare bottom. I mean, I don’t know who that blue girl is (Transonic, maybe?) but I swear she is not wearing any clothes. I can’t believe Marvel is OK with a naked teenage girl on the X-Men!

Plot-wise, this is about as thing a crossover as they come. There are some nice character moments (as always). Gage really knows the Marvel U, past and present. He’s got a great handle on his characters. But these constant ancillary tie-ins have got to stop!


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