Saturday, June 2, 2012

Daredevil #13

OK, so NOW Mark Waid is wrapping up the Omega Drive arc. I’ll admit I’m stumped on the pacing here, this story seemed like it was ready to wrap up two issues ago, but we got a date issue and a three-part mini-crossover before the whole thing finally got a bow on it.

This book is almost all fighting. After last issue’s date interlude (with a nice cliffhanger) it’s time for DD to pay up for taking the Omega Drive from all those mega crime organizations. (I also like the way the captions were correct in those last pages of issue 12, but we trusted the art, not DD’s thoughts.)

It makes sense that the story would close like this. DD is fighting above his weight class taking on all these bad guy organizations, so I don’t mind him calling on some of his many hero friends to get things back under control. Khoi Pham does a nice job telegraphing the eventual reveal in the early pages; there are definitely some layouts that don’t make sense until the reader realizes what is happening. Pham’s art is a bit too blocky and simple. If I wasn’t comparing it against the fantastic other artists we’ve seen on the series so far, it would be fine. But we’ve had some doozies, and I want them back.

I’m not sure what it is that Foggy found in Matt’s desk, but it sure seems that whatever it is, it will end up being the most important part of the issue. I’m putting my money on Bullseye’s head, but that’s more because I hope for a Deadwood-ian opportunity for Matt Murdock to deliver some great monologues. I hope it’s not as simple as the silly black DD costume.


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